I want to discuss my experience with Texas Water Solutions and the misleading sales rep Ronnie that came out to my house to do a presentation of my drinking water. I had scheduled an appointment through the headquarters with a rep by the name of ashley.

she was very kind and professional and explained to me what their equipment can do. She set a time and date and informed me that a sales rep would be coming out to my house to do a free water test and show me what Tws had to offer. on the day of the scheduled appointment the sales rep showed up 45 minutes late with a list of excuses on why he was late. Right from the start he seemed very nervous fast talking, and that he might be using drugs.

He started by taking a sample from my kitchen sink. He did some testing and showed me that my water was hard and he proceeded to tell me that the hardness in my water could cause cancers,kidney stones, and skin conditions that would cause eczema and worse. He also told me that I am drinking fecal matter in my water and that the city would not do anything about it and that it was up to me to add filtration to my home. I was very sceptical about not purchasing until I had time to do a little research.

After Ronnie left my house I decided to do my research and found out that a lot of what Ronnie had told me ABOUT MY water and the fecal matter, cancers, etc. was BS. i then took time to call the main office and question them about there systems and all the information Ronnie had given me. I spoke with a technical director who apologized for all the misleading information Ronnie had given me about my drinking water.

He then explained the system correctly and offered to come back out and retest my water and provide me with all the right information. Also to my surprise during our discussion I learned that Ronnie did not in fact have a water system in his home.

To make a long story short, I did end up buying a system from the company and recently I was also informed that Ronnie was let go from the company due to his misleading information.


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not to assume because we both know what that makes us but the above comment sounds more like someone trying to defend themselves not a sales rep that they are satisfied with. I think the company should file for slandering on said person


You better do your research a little betterm because some of the information that salesman told was more than likely instructed by the technical director himself. This company has actually had several complaints on them and i can tell you from being a customer myself that the individual you speak of was misled himself and there are other salesmen that have worked for this company that were misled as well into providing not so acurate information for the sake of making the owner money, who is the so called "technical director" and if you look on the EPA website, and other websites, tap water can and has been linked to some of the ailments the salesman brought to your attention.

sattisfied client with salesman~

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